Monday, August 30, 2010

Keeping Cool

August has been filled with work trips to Yellowstone (two of them), watching movies for our AFI project (eight and counting), photographing ATP matches in Mason (two sunburned shoulders) and moving to OtR (just once).

I got to take pictures of places like this – ridiculous!

August has been, to say the least, tiring. When I finally had some down time, I peeked into my backlogged Google Reader and found a few new entries from the Fork Heart Knife blog (if you don’t follow, and you are like me and enjoy reading about tasty food, start following them). One in particular described the need for an oven-off recipe and the creation of a watermelon-feta-red onion salad. Wait. Watermelon, feta and red onions?

photo credit: fork heart knife blog

Feast your eyes on it. It spoke to every one of my desires for dinner later that night. Quick. Salty/sweet. Fresh. Cold. The folks at FHK added some chopped mint and jalapeno. With some toasted pita and Trader Joe’s Raita, it was a cool, light dinner.

Alex approved and we finished up the whole thing even though I’d sort of hoped for leftovers. It was too good not to finish, even though it probably would have improved with a little fridge time to let the flavors mingle. Oh yeah, and a little salt. Can’t remember if that was in the original post or not, but the saltiness of the particular feta I chose wasn’t enough.

I’m heading on my last trip of the month tomorrow. It kind of has to be, since tomorrow’s the last day of the month. I swear when I get back I’m going to take my kitchen and my blog back by storm. Until then, I hope you find something cool and refreshing to eat while we wait out the last hot days of summer.