Friday, August 15, 2008


I read that tomorrow is National Rum Day. What are your favorite rum drinks? Here's our favorite concoction. It's not fancy. And it came from a Bobby Flay recipe. But it's refreshing.

Mint Rum Lemonade
1 cup spiced rum
3 cups lemonade
bunch of fresh mint leaves

Combine everything into a pitcher and serve in glasses filled with ice. Easy and delicious.


WestEnder said...

This drink, from a physics blogger, is called a Black Hole:

1 part Cointreau or triple sec
1 part dark rum
1 part amaretto
2 parts vodka
2 parts Kahlua

Rum isn't the centerpiece so it's barely a rum drink but it is a smooth way to get knocked on your ass in about 5 min.

P.S. you are a tennis fan, that is awesome. Your U.S. Open thoughts?

Allison said...

dang, that's a pretty intense drink! that would do the trick for sure.

i have to admit i want to see a federer/nadal final, even though i'm sure it wouldn't compare to the match they played at wimbledon. always nice to say hey to other tennis fans!