Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Lights Out Tandoori Chicken Pitas

Say the electricity blinked out just as you were putting your groceries away. Imagine the wind shrieking outside, tearing leaves and twigs from the trees and scattering them across your lawn like birdseed. What do you do? Whip up a marinade out of greek yogurt and tandoori paste, toss it into a ziploc with some raw chicken, and put it all into your dark refrigerator hoping for the best.

Once it’s time to start cooking, find a safe zone on your deck, load the grill with charcoal and light it up. Avoid tree limbs and other dangerous flying objects. Grill the chicken until it’s cooked through. The tandoori marinade will impart it with an appetizing neon pink appearance


Serve with warm pita bread and cucumber yogurt sauce. Light your dining room with candles snatched from Christmas centerpieces and Halloween decorations. For a side dish, enjoy any other perishable item in your refrigerator before it turns into an unidentifiable heap of mold over the next few days.

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