Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Kroger Fresh Fare

It's here. Is it worth a trip to Kenwood just to marvel at the new Kroger? Depends on what you want. I was definitely impressed by Murray's Cheese Shop. Lots of unique stuff and helpful staff. I got some Wisconsin Cheddar with blueberries-- where else can you find that? (Okay, maybe Jungle Jims, but that's an entirely different weight class.) Cheese aside, I wanted to know what would make this Kroger any more special and big-boxier than the Kroger in Anderson. There were plenty of similarities-- the tortilleria, the fresh donuts, the dine-in sushi bar. The fresh fare just seemed a little more polished and more food-oriented. I like that. I don't need my grocery store to sell diamond necklaces. Just good food.
Overall, I'd say it's an upscale Kroger with a few more tricks up its sleeve, but nothing to make a special trip across town for. Except maybe the cheese.


WestEnder said...

They advertised a PRIME whole beef tenderloin for $10.99/lb. I might be checking that out.

I'm also curious if they have a backup generator. Half the Krogers lost power during the big power outage. Hyde Park was dark the whole week and threw out almost everything.

Allison said...

I hope they have enough reserve power to protect the cheese.

Allison Baumie said...

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liberal foodie said...

blue ash kroger is like that too. it used to be good for all of us, now it's only good for the rich. I still go in there to turn heads.