Monday, March 9, 2009

Restaurant Week is Back!

Get ready Cincy foodies, Greater Cincinnati Independents is sponsoring Restaurant Week again, Monday March 16th - Sunday March 22nd. Each of the 26 participating restaurants will offer a three-course, prix-fixe dinner for $26.09. Take a look at their website; most of the restaurants have a menu available already.

Comparing the menus at work today, we couldn't help notice that not all restaurant week offerings are created equal. $26 for a turkey sandwich and some side items at Greenup? Probably won't be on my itinerary. I'll be at the Brown Dog Cafe enjoying some pan-fried duck breast.

So many restaurants, so little time! Are you participating in Recession Week... er, Restaurant Week this time around?


skinny fat chick said...

Yay, they finally posted the menus. Thanks for sharing!!!

lauren said...

I'll be there! Brown Dog Cafe and Tink's were tied, and we went with Tink's. I'm so excited because I've never been to Tink's but have heard great things.

Allison said...

I've eaten at Tinks a couple of times and really fell in love with the way the whole place feels. Getting in there for a cheaper meal is a good way to go!