Thursday, March 24, 2011

Greetings From Sunny San Diego

Hey there! I'm in San Diego right now as a guest of Sony's Cyber-shot group. I'm lucky to be part of a gathering of food bloggers from around the country. We spent the afternoon in Oceanside at a wonderful farmer's market and then we had a ridiculously indulgent "picnic" lunch at the beach.

Tough afternoon, I know. We've been set loose with Cyber-shot WX9 cameras; check out the sample images below and look for a review soon on, you know, that other website I work on.

I have more eating ahead of me. For now, check out some photos from our afternoon while I go put on my stretchy pants and get ready for dinner.


Memo said...

Impressive camera. Especially when you consider the price tag.

Quick question; How does it fair in low light environments?

Thank you.

Allison Johnson said...

Memo in my experience with the camera I found it was so-so in low light. There's a low light mode that will capture several frames, analyze them to remove stray digital artifacts and combine into one ideally noise-free image. It didn't work all that well when I tested it.

I'd say the WX9 is about as good as most other $200 point-and-shoots in low light, maybe slightly better. Your Canon S95's and Nikon P7000's will do significantly better.

Memo said...

Thanks a bunch for the insight, Allison.

Nice blog, by the way! I think I might just try out some of the recipes you posted one day :o)