Wednesday, November 16, 2011

That's Nuts

Hey there, remember me? I used to write a blog about food. I stopped for a while, because life got in the way, but I'm back. I make no apologies - and anyway my coworker ordered me not to apologize because it sounds kind of presumptious and condescending. I think he's right. But either way, I love writing about food and I'm glad to be doing it again. And if you missed me, even just a little, then that's okay. I missed you too.

I moved into a new apartment. It has a lot of light and industrial loft charm. Left unattended, I will browse Target and Ikea online for hours and squander every last penny of my paycheck on console tables and shelving. To make room for my new furniture buying habit, I'm resolving to spend less on food.

Henceforth I am getting myself back into the blogging spirit by reviewing foods you can buy at Trader Joe's. There you go, something else that you didn't need or ask for being provided to you at no cost on the internet.

Today's Review of a Food You Can Buy at Trader Joe's: Lime and Chile Mixed Nuts

Saturday night I had a couple of friends over for drinks, and when you do something like that you're supposed to provide little snacks too so nobody gets blitzed and vomits on your new bathmat. It just seems like good hostessing to provide food with booze.

How fun, I thought. Spicy nuts. Perfect food for having people over for drinks. Think again, amigos. This stuff is seriously spicy. Like, make you cough and sneeze spicy. Not a sexy party snack.

The heat creeps up on you. After the first handful you think, yes, I'll have another. Then you're hacking and looking around for a tissue box. There's also a lingering pine-sol after taste, and little flecks of what looks like wood shavings.

I'll be picking up the rosemary marcona almonds next time I'm at Joe's and leaving the spicy nuts on the shelf.


Julie said...

Those are SO GOOD. They used to do just lime + chili cashews but I think the mixed nuts are better.

5chw4r7z said...

YAY! Now I don't have to purge you off my blog roll. And your co-worker is right, don't apologize, just blog some more.

And I liked the nuts.

Allison Johnson said...

That's two votes for the nuts! To be fair I do keep eating them even though they're too spicy for my own casual enjoyment.

TJ Jackson said...

What's the latest on Eli's? :-)

(I know, I know -- off topic and waaay too persistent)

Allison Johnson said...

No worries TJ! I haven't heard anything yet. Sounds like they're still working on opening in their Columbia location but don't have a date yet.