Sunday, December 14, 2008

Wild Ginger Revisited

Wild Ginger in Hyde Park has a new hibachi grill, full bar, and a bunch of brand new Ikea lamps. At the old Wild Ginger, I waited for my table in the cramped nook by the entrance, usually in a stranger's lap. At the new Wild Ginger, I waited comfortably at the bar with my good friend Sam Adams. It was lovely. Our table was in the new section, and I liked the new decor. Occasionally, flames would leap view from the hibachi, adding a thrill factor to my dinner. I ordered the sunny roll, stuffed with crunchy tempura shrimp, mango, and cucumber. It arrived looking plenty sunny, but it actually tasted a bit bland. My friend ordered some sort of duck stir fry, and his review went something like "Eh." Then again, we don't go to Wild Ginger to be wowed, we go for the atmosphere, the non-Hyde Park prices in Hyde Park, and some pretty decent Asian food.

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skinny fat chick said...

Oh how I love Wild Ginger...

I haven't done the hibachi yet, can't wait!