Saturday, February 21, 2009

Aqua and the Pursuit of Perfect Sushi

Serious food, hip soundtrack, and unheard of service. Aqua's reputation is well-known by now, but since I'm a relatively new girl to the city, I checked it out for the first time on Saturday night.

Between the attentive staff, the classic Beck tracks on the overhead, and the cosmopolitan decor, Aqua in Mt. Lookout had me at hello. But how did the food stack up? And more importantly, is it worth dropping upwards of $40 a person on dinner there?

I stuck to an appetizer and a couple of sushi rolls for dinner, covering all my food groups with the addition of a Stella Artois. First course, warm napa cabbage salad. It arrived in all it's bacon-y glory as a kind of rich, warm slaw loaded with pear slices and sweet-roasted walnuts. Very tasty, but heavy. For my taste, a little too heavy for an appetizer.

Two sushi rolls followed. Featured on the left, the dynamite roll. On the right, the Mei roll. The dynamite roll was a home run, with a just a kick of spice and a fresh, clean taste. The Mei roll was good, but not a home run. Ground rule double.

The verdict? Good sushi, better atmosphere. I wouldn't put Aqua's sushi above Beluga's, but I will say that this is a restaurant and a kitchen I trust. The moment I put down my chopsticks after my last bite, a server removed my plate, all ninja-like. The whole staff was on point. Though I didn't venture into the entree menu, I feel pretty good about recommending Aqua to anyone looking for a nice night out.

Also, a sushi taste-off may be in the works with liberal foodie, so stay tuned sports fans!

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Ryan Hamilton said...

You need to checkout Green Papaya in your pursuit of the perfect sushi. My pursuit ended there. Best in the city IMHO.

Allison said...

Thanks for the tip! I've been hearing good things about Green Papaya, I'll definitely check it out soon.