Sunday, February 1, 2009

This Weekend in Food

Twist was still kicking on Friday night, even though it was sickeningly cold out and in spite of the bad news about Pigall's. We had a few rounds of petite bites with a few rounds of drinks. The short and sweet version: the mango drink is delicious and so is the croque monsieur.

Saturday night I tried Thai Cafe on Ludlow for the first time. Don't confuse it with the Delight Thai Cafe in Montgomery, which appears to be closed forever and ever. The Thai Cafe in Clifton is an Asian restaurant dressed up in art-deco duds. I had the Pad Thai with tofu, which is sort of like getting ice cream. Even when it's mediocre, run-of-the-mill ice cream, it's still fantastic. The noodles were cooked just right, but it was all a bit greasier than I would have liked. The Thai Cafe was a cut above mediocre, and I'd recommend it to someone in the neighborhood for a movie or some shopping.

A source that I trust tells me that Ruthai's in Mount Lookout serves up the best Thai food in the city. Agree? Disagree? I haven't tried it myself, but it's on my hit list.


WestEnder said...

I haven't been to Thai Cafe in over a year but the last 2 times I ate there I thought the chicken was a bit dry & tough.

Sad to hear about Delight Cafe... I heard it was good and wanted to try it.

Note: RuThai's is closed Mondays.

TJ Jackson said...

Ruthai's is good

Tan Thai downtown (lunch only) is better.

Have not been to the recently-opened second location of Tan Thai in Springdale yet, but they serve lunch and dinner