Saturday, February 14, 2009


How awesome was Cincy Imports? Pretty awesome, actually. Glad I jumped in and got to meet bloggers and non-bloggers alike. Looking forward to the next event.

Also, my cake decorating skills are improving. So the ribbon is a little funky, but I can live with that. This Monday night is like the final exam, we have to bring in our own cake and put the finishing touches on it at class. I'm nervous.

Enjoy your Valentine's Day, I know I'll be enjoying one of my favorite kinds of food- junk food.


WestEnder said...

It was a fun event for sure. It's nice to meet new people or put faces to people we know electronically. Especially tennis fans!

I picked up my racket and held it in my hand yesterday. Mmmmmm.

Allison said...

It's always good to meet tennis people, my co-workers and family are already sick of hearing about pro tennis and it's barely the start of the season.

My racquet is MIA! I have to do a thorough search for it later. This says something about how long it's been since I last played.

liberal foodie said...

glad you went! Let's do a blogger event, and call it the unofficial blogger event?

Cake baking? and class? fun stuff.

Allison said...

I think a blogger event is definitely in order.

liz said...

i agree re: a blogger event. i am thinking about hosting a pot luck, maybe late march?

Allison said...

Pot luck in March sounds awesome! Name the date, I'll whip up something pot lucky and put on my party shoes.