Saturday, July 12, 2008

...And the Pursuit of Pastries

I spend my free time, which is a lot of time when you don't have a job, looking for new foods to eat. Pastries are my specialty. I've had scones draped in cherry icing from BonBonerie, flaky chocolate croissants from Frieda's, and muffins from every bakery within a five mile radius of my home.
And so I begin my pursuit to call myself the Pastry Queen of Cincinnati, (won't that look nice on a resume) a title I feel qualified to assume once I try enough of the city's best baked goods. I have a healthy head start, but where do I go next?

My goal is to get to know the city's bakeries, neighborhoods, and breakfast institutions. I want to eat my way across town and lick my fingers when it's all over. What are your favorite Cincinnati baked goods? No pastry is too great or too humble-- croissants and doughnuts are on equal footing here, as long as they are made with love.
Your input, suggestions, and moral support are all welcome! Have you had your pastry today?


TJ Jackson said...

Try the croissants (and other pastries) at Greenup Cafe in Covington

Colin said...

While you're in town, remind me that we have to stop at the Breadsmith down the street for babka rolls and lemon lavender muffins.