Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Freeze Dried Rambutan

Like you, I had to google “rambutan” to find out what it is. It’s a spiny fruit blessed with an excellent PR agent. I imagine a stern woman with square-framed glasses sitting at a desk, calmly answering e-mails and requests on rambutan’s behalf. She’s even gone to the trouble of creating a website, www.rambutan.com. You will find detailed instructions on how best to open the rind and consume the fruit inside.

The back of my re-sealable bag of freeze-dried rambutan, purchased from the reputable Trader Joe, claims that the fruit contains the mysterious, fifth taste “umami.” Like you, I have heard of this umami and so far, I still don’t understand what it is except MSG that doesn’t give you cancer.

Judging by the photos on rambutan's website, it looks like a scary lychee. Mine look like kix with elephantitis, but they taste delicious.

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Colin said...

Okay, I actually "laughed out loud" at "kix with elephantitis". Good show.