Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Baby Dill

So this is an actual pickle found in our real-life pickle jar.

I know people see Jesus in their toast and stuff, but doesn't it look eerily

The better question is, what does this pickle want? Escape? A life's fulfillment as relish on a steamy, beef patty hot off the grill?

I assume the pickle was eaten and enjoyed by one of the pickle-eaters in my family. (Pickles for me? No thank you.) We can all honor its memory here in the world wide web.

Thanks, pickle. You're one in a million.

1 comment:

liz said...

hey allison, i just saw your comment on my blog and wanted to say hi back. yay cincy food bloggers!

also, i had a pickle exactly like that at izzy's yesterday and it freaked me out!