Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Food of Love

When you're a devoted tennis fan living in Cincinnati, Christmas comes twice a year. Six months after the knit sweaters and gift exchanges, 64 of the top players in the world come to the Masters Series tournament in Mason. It's tournament season again, and I'll be celebrating the holiday all week long at the Lindner Family tennis center.

Like other holidays, we celebrate tournament season with traditions. Every year, I forget to apply the appropriate amount of sunscreen and I get a sunburn someplace funky, like the left side of my nose or my kneecaps.

And it wouldn't be tennis tournament time in Mason without a Waffle House breakfast. I love waffles. I love breakfast. Tennis players love waffles too, and I love me some tennis players. When I find myself eating breakfast at the same place as the highest ranked doubles team in the world, I know I'm eating the breakfast of champions.

Dad took this picture, I can't take credit for it. Roger was out practicing Sunday in all of his glory.

Tournament food is usually obscenely overpriced, but a smart girl like me should be able to find some decent eats without breaking the ATM card.

I could go on and on (and on) about tennis, but I'm hungry. Pictures and stories of waffle house, tournament food, and tennis to follow. I love this game.

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Colin said...

When you say "I love this game", 'this game' is slang for 'young male tennis players', right?

I can't wait until my waffle iron appears. I already have homemade black raspberry syrup in the fridge, awaiting its destiny.