Monday, January 26, 2009

Having My Cupcake and Decorating it Too

Every year Starbucks brings cupcakes back into their pastry lineup. Every year I hate them for it. I hate walking in for a newspaper and a latte and finding myself face to face with a gorgeous red velvet cupcake at 8 in the morning, with dessert so many hours away. "I'll get one later," I think, and then I never do.

I finally got one on Saturday. As described by my friend Monica, who gave me the cupcake, "It's not the best thing ever, but it's still a cupcake." Which about sums up my review of the red velvet cupcakes at Starbucks.

And in other news, during another trip to the aforementioned Starbucks, I dumped half of a 12 ounce latte onto my work computer. Over the keys and everything. I was literally holding my laptop upside down, dumping hot coffee out of it, and cursing wildly. The barista behind the counter was amazing though-- when I told her I'd spilled my drink like a child and made a huge mess, the first thing she asked me was if I wanted another one. I turned it down. Clearly I can't be trusted with beverages.

Anyway, remember my cookie wreck from a few weeks ago? I've started taking a cake decorating class with a couple of my co-workers at Cincinnati Cake and Candy Supply in... Sharonville? Somewhere over there. There wasn't much to show from the first class, but based on my last pastry decorating experience, I can only improve from here.

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