Thursday, January 1, 2009

Last Night at Kona

The lease is up and Kona Bistro in Oakley is closed for business. As a Miami student, I frequented Kona's location in Oxford as often as I could scrape together enough cash for an Indian stuffed burrito.

When I heard that the Cincy location was closing, I felt it would only be appropriate to make my last dinner of 2008 my last meal at Oakley Kona. I called. They told me the last dinner would be a buffet-- all the artichoke dip and Jambalaya I could eat for 18 bucks. Sold.

The Indian burrito was on the buffet line. So was the Kona brownie. It was everything I wanted. I guess I'd say that Kona wasn't a superstar on the Cincinnati indepent restaurant scene, but I liked knowing it was there when I needed it. Decent eats, nice atmosphere, and a reasonable price. It was a little piece of Oxford in my backyard.

The last night at Kona was festive. I wasn't sure what to expect-- crying? Gnashing of teeth? Not so, there was holiday cheer and buffet food aplenty. I grabbed my burrito, ordered a cocktail, and settled in to enjoy the last meal at Kona.

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