Monday, January 5, 2009

It Takes Two to Dingle

Dingle House. I can't get over the name of this restaurant. I recently lured one of my friends to dinner there by emphasizing the beauty and intrigue of the name.

"It's called Dingle House. DINGLE."

She couldn't resist. We started with beer, as many dinners at Dingle House start. Especially when they start before 7 PM on weekdays, when select beers are cheaper. I had a Samuel Adams Light, she had a Beamish. Beer course was followed with clam chowder course, which was almost as good. There was kind of a skin on my soup when it arrived from the kitchen, but it was a fine clam chowder.

I followed clam chowder course with the Dingle house salad. I was worried that the maple-balsamic dressing would be candy-sweet, but it was creamier than expected, and delicious. Definitely a nice house salad.

I had a few of the pub wedge fries and I can also endorse them. I like toast nearly burnt, and I liked these crisp, dark fries. Overall, I was happy with the Dingle House. If you find yourself in the remote regions of West Chester during happy hour, visit the Dingle House for some appetizers and an excellent beer. And, of course, some top-notch dingle.

Some Dingle House fun facts, or "you know you're at an Irish pub when...":
-Guiness is listed on the menu as an appetizer
-Diners wearing kilts will receive a free appetizer
-Happy Hour starts at 11 am

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liberal foodie said...

happy hour starts at 11am? sign me up! You're right, the name is probably their main attraction and the beer and food has 'em coming back for more dingle.