Sunday, January 11, 2009

Viva Buffet

This is where I spent a few days last week. A city bursting at its seams with culinary possibilities. Emeril? Colicchio? Toby Keith? They've all got a restaurant. Time was scarce and there was much scurrying around the city to do for work, so I didn't get to try many of the dining options. I peered jealously into restaurants like Fiamma and Shibuya every time I walked through my hotel. We did have time for a full dinner at Emeril's, and it was indeed bam-worthy. Late into my final night in Vegas I found myself at Wynn for an event with some awesome catered food. Spicy shrimp cocktails, fancy sporks, and the crowning glory-- the dessert table. Nothing makes me happy like an endless supply of desserts and an open bar. Even though I didn't do any real gambling in Vegas, I still came out a winner.


b. koral said...

What the hell were you doing in Vegas for work??

Allison said...


Just kidding, I was there for CES.